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Dr. Neeraj Kohli, Chief Medical Officer CystoSure®
Medical Director, Boston Urogyn

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The Challenge

When faced with symptoms, patients want answers, quickly.

  • Overactive Bladder
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Recurrent UTI
  • Hematuria, and
  • Pelvic Pain

are only a few of the symptoms which can cause patients concern resulting in fear and time at doctors’ offices seeking diagnosis and treatment. Doctors want to provide peace of mind and answers for their patients, however are frequently limited by training and technologies necessary to aid expedited diagnosis. This results in the need for additional testing, referrals, appointments and time which can delay diagnosis, need for specialty referrals and patient inconvenience.

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Current Practices

Patients presenting with the above symptoms will often be referred for cystoscopy, an independent exam in which the bladder may be viewed for a more comprehensive evaluation.

This traditional testing is expensive, complicated and time consuming. Additionally, it can be associated with increased risk of infection and trauma for the patient. This requires a separately scheduled appointment, usually in a hospital, followed by a subsequent appointment to review results and treatment options.

Collectively, these steps delay diagnosis, treatment and timely answers for the patient.

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The CystoSure®

Now there is a fast, convenient way to conduct diagnostic cystoscopy in the office setting effectively. Cystosure® Plus combines the familiarity of a urinary catheter with the functionality of a cystoscope into a singular product providing reliable and consistent results. The exclusive and patented pancake balloon and low profile tip positions scope for maximum viewing of the urethral ostia and bladder.

Eliminating the need for cumbersome additional equipment, the CystoSure® System enables the gynecologist and urogynecologist a standardized and simple setup to provide comprehensive bladder diagnostics for all of their patients in a single visit.

Answering the need for the patient by providing prompt evaluation, diagnostics and treatment, also enables the office and practice to ultimately service more patients.

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