The CystoSure®

Now there is a fast, convenient way to conduct diagnostic cystoscopy effectively.

CystoSure® Plus combines the familiarity of a urinary catheter with the functionality of a cystoscope into a singular product providing reliable and consistent results.

The catheter’s patented pancake balloon and low profile catheter tip allows for standardized placement of the catheter in the bladder, and optimal positioning at the trigonal ridge for easy identification and viewing of the ureters and bladder wall using an accessory scope.

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Simple &
Standardized Steps

  1. Insert CystoSure® Plus catheter and inflate balloon 5cc.
  2. Insert CystoSure® Cystoscope or any compatible 2.9 mm hysteroscope into purple port.
  3. Advance CystoSure® Cystoscope forward until it stops. OR insert compatible 2.9 mm hysteroscope and advance until the scope tip clears the end of the catheter and the bladder is in view.
  4. Rotate scope 360° for complete view of bladder and ureteral openings.

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Meet Your Needs

In the OR

  • Single insertion reducing catheter and instrument exchange.
  • Saves time and reduces chance of infection.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase and maintain complex cystoscopy trays.

In the Office

  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to learn and incorporate into office practices.
  • Effective and efficient in providing the option to conduct comprehensive bladder diagnostics in a SINGLE VISIT.

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CystoSure® Plus
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